ChatGPT – White Paper


Most people have heard of it, but few have actually used AI technology such as ChatGPT in a professional context. In order to show where its use can be useful and where not, we have tested it intensively and compiled our experiences in this white paper.

It turned out that ChatGPT is often misunderstood and used for activities for which it was not originally intended. This applies, for example, to its use as a research tool. Conversely, when used correctly, e.g. for text generation and text summarization, ChatGPT can be a useful support if the associated risks are taken into account and precautions are taken. The more complex a topic is, the greater the likelihood that solutions such as ChatGPT & Co. will provide little or no additional benefit. It is therefore advisable to have the research carried out by market intelligence experts for more complex topics, especially if you need secure and reliable results.

We have also drawn an important conclusion for SVP itself:

Your personal questions are not included in our white paper? Then contact us, we will be happy to share further insights beyond the examples selected here.

Download our white paper to find out more about the opportunities and risks of using ChatGPT.