Planning the future

When planning a market launch in a new country, you have to understand what’s happening on the ground. And it’s no less important to hear about new economic and political developments in familiar markets to be able to respond quickly. Regularly monitoring new laws and standards can help to make your product development more secure, for example.

You can look at structural issues, such as the number of grammar schools in a country in order to calculate market potential or statistical data on the average height of men in Africa to develop new machines targeted at local employers and their needs.

And once you know the figures for import and export performance in the e-bike segment, then you already have a basic understanding of how the market in Germany looks.

SVP can help you step into the future by researching laws, standards, statistics, GDP, import and export data, buying power, regulations, patents and much more.


F.A.Z. publishes the supplement “The 100 Largest”

Our partner F.A.Z.-Research is publishing the supplement “The 100 Largest” – 2017 for the 59th time this year.

On eight special pages, the largest German companies and employers as well as the market capitalization of the most important stock corporations are listed in a compact and clear form. The data collected provides information on:

  • Turnover and changes in turnover
  • Return on sales
  • Balance sheet total
  • Employees
  • Profit
  • Market value and dividend
  • Contact details of the approximately 500 companies listed in the rankings

Order now the data-package with the most recent key figures in 16 tables.

The price for this comprehensive data package, including usage licences for three workplaces, is € 150 net.
The data package is delivered as a ZIP-file and is available on request on the F.A.Z. website from 5 July 2017 onwards.

Please find further information concerning the offer as well as details regarding the order process here.