Seeing the future

New trends and innovations can spell doom for existing products and services. In order to maintain your position in the market, gain market share or develop new products, understanding trends and innovations is essential.

In addition to secondary market research that can help you latch on to trends and new developments by scanning the media, studies and academic articles, in-depth interviews with experts are an indispensable resource. By interviewing experts from different companies, associations, trade publication editors, or research or educational institutions, we’re able to explore the very latest developments.

A concise summary of our findings give you the foundational basis you need to make decisions. The vetted findings and informed ideas will also allow you to draw conclusions about your own business development. Recognising trends early enables you to respond quickly to technological shifts and potential substitution products.

SVP identifies new trends, especially in Germany, Austria and Switzerland and helps you by regular reporting on innovations, updates and monitoring.

  • Technology scouting
  • Megatrends
  • Trend research
  • Tech landscape monitoring
  • Identifying substitute products

are just a few of the services that SVP can deliver to allow you to concentrate on your success.