The future of the financial industry

SVP supports international companies as they enter the German, Austrian and Swiss markets. We have tremendous sector-specific expertise when it comes to market or location analyses, as well as identifying clients or business partners in the DACH region. Not only in Germany, but throughout the world as well, the financial sector is in a process of transformation unlike any other in its history. The underlying factors run the gamut.

Increasing regulatory complexity and volatile markets, coupled with greater market transparency fuelled by the internet are presenting new challenges to the industry and forcing players to adjust their business models. Add to this the pressure of critical and well-informed customers with lower and lower loyalty in the banking and insurance sector: confidence is hard won nowadays. In these sectors, providers have to understand their customers more than ever before and attune themselves to their needs. Customer satisfaction or target group analyses provide critical data and information in this regard.

Selected project portfolio

  • The fintech landscape and e-business of financial providers
  • Identification of technology partners for risk management process optimisation
  • The challenges of the currency and banking union for private banks
  • Multichannel and customer experience for selected key players in the insurance market
  • Monitoring social networks in the financial industry
  • Development of sales structures and customer orientation for online banks
  • Target group analyses of customers influenced by digitisation and how it has impacted interaction and communication

Last but not least, traditional players have to cope with the increasing pressure generated by virtual and international providers such as non-bank financial institutions and near-banks. This is a juncture where the possibilities of market intelligence can add tremendous value by leveraging market analyses and company profiles to develop best practice models to lay the right groundwork for future strategies and product development. There are also times when media research is called for – we can produce a report to meet your needs that distils the current state of information or identifies and vets solutions providers in the field of risk management. The market intelligence services of SVP offer you the flexibility you need because we can handle both smaller and large-sized projects with fast turn-arounds, as well as market studies.