The future of trade fairs and exhibitions

SVP supports international companies as they enter the German, Austrian and Swiss markets. We have tremendous sector-specific expertise when it comes to market or location analyses, as well as identifying clients or business partners in the DACH region. Despite mounting international competition, Germany remains a top trade fair destination when it comes to organising international exhibitions. Thanks to a relatively positive economic outlook and the efficiency of trade fairs as a tool for business development, the majority of German events are currently looking forward to a positive future, both in terms of exhibitor numbers as well as booth spaces and visitors. At the same time, the exhibition sector has to cope with socio-political uncertainty on a global level – more than 50% of exhibitors and 25% of visitors come from abroad – and quickly growing markets and the digital revolution also present challenges that need to be overcome for regional and international events.


  • Industry analyses to identify trade fair and event opportunities and explore potential future event organisers
  • Identifying service companies, including freight forwarders, consulting, booth builders and training providers
  • Trend analysis on current mega trends and report on their future outlook
  • International market review on 3D printers, analysis of marketability and models for consumers
  • Market data on education, day-care centres, schools and their technical equipment
  • Investment outlook for European hotels in the wellness sector
  • Potential analysis of different target groups including cosmetic surgeons in Europe, the number of bakeries in the Arab Emirates and even construction firms with a focus on sustainability
  • Trend analysis on elder care

Even the idea that people will continue to interact with each other face to face to the same extent can’t be taken for granted. Globalisation, with all that it entails, and changing communication behaviours will have a tremendous impact on trade fairs as a marketing tool. The trade fair sector also has to cope with new competitors and competing platforms. Traditional and digital market participants will continue to integrate their virtual worlds with the real world. Perfectly organised and industry-tailored event programming mean that companies have to adapt efficiently to changing markets and technological developments. The emergence of highly modern and forward-looking industry-specific event concepts is a never-ending task. We’ll help you stay on the cutting edge.