The future of information and media technology

SVP supports international companies as they enter the German, Austrian and Swiss markets. We have tremendous sector-specific expertise when it comes to market or location analyses, as well as identifying clients or business partners in the DACH region. Particularly in Germany, the ICT sector has experienced more growth in recent years than the economy as a whole. With over 1 million employees and sales of roughly EUR 160 billion, the sector is becoming even more important to society as a whole. The digital transformation we’re experiencing economically and socially presents us with both the greatest challenges and opportunity in decades. Issues like the transition of IT companies from IT vendors to IT service providers and network partners, industry 4.0, cloud computing, agility, sourcing and big data are key topics in the industry. We support our clients by providing trend and market analyses, competition reports and by identifying suppliers.

Selected project portfolio

  • Market analysis of providers and developments in the German B2B e-commerce market
  • Identification of software companies focusing on logistics as target customers
  • Preparing SWOT analyses for a leading systems company in Germany
  • Pricing and service models of German cloud computing providers
  • Identifying sectors in Germany with the greatest need for digitisation
  • Monthly trend analysis on the latest developments and industry 4.0
  • Market analysis of the global HDD markets
  • State-of-the-art, applications market and trends in the 3D printing segment
  • Review of M&A activities of internet pure players
  • Identification of IT partners in DACH insurance and hospital target sectors
  • Development of consumer electronics markets in BRIC countries

Some IT companies are now considering whether they should also offer their standard IT products in the cloud. We support these companies on the global markets, as well as the German market, by providing analyses of how commercial users think and what they’re looking for, as well as preparing reports on competitors’ cloud business models.

We deliver detailed studies on new target markets, including Africa, Germany Austria or growing sectors with an IT focus, as well as the mechanical engineering sector. SVP’s sector reports and market analyses in international markets deliver the information you need to make strategic decisions.
In order to identify potential and possibilities in new markets, SVP can help by identifying key players and offer you critical insights into customer-specific company provides for fundamental decisions.