Product models of SVP

Whether you would like the continuous support of concise market overviews, company profiles or statistical indicators in your day-to-day work, or whether you are interested in large-scale projects, SVP is your go-to partner to get the support you need in your daily business and to ensure the future of company, the SVP way: substantially, veraciously, pragmatically.

The advantages of SVP’s offer models: Specific. Valid. Professional.

Our offer models are tailored to your needs, whether the scope of your task is smaller or larger.

Offer: SVP Daily Support

Ideal for urgent and clearly defined ad hoc research requests; you’ll receive your report within 72 hours and, if necessary, on the very same day. A perfect complement to the SVP Daily Support contract model.

Offer: SVP Projects

Our recommendation for market intelligence projects. We’ll prepare a detailed quote describing the services we’ll deliver to suit your needs at a fixed price.

The advantages of SVP’s contract models: Speed. Variability. Partnership.

Our different contract models are tailored to fit your needs and to offer tremendous value added, giving you direct access to our services with a streamlined ordering process and clear cost control benefits.

Contract model: SVP Daily Support

The model for anyone looking for continuous support in their day-to-day work. We agree a flat rate based on your needs so you can send us an unlimited number of SVP orders.

Contract model: SVP Budget

The model for those who value flexibility. You can order our SVP 72 service immediately and instruct us to carry out SVP projects while enjoying clear cost control.

Regardless of whether you are interested in a one-off order or a long-term partnership, our range of services delivers maximum value added with minimal fuss. Welcome to your future.