Market Intelligence rarely works alone

“Future evolves when relationships succeed.”

– Matthias Horx, trend researcher and futurologist,

SVP Deutschland AG works with various partners who complement our market intelligence services. We would like to introduce our cooperation partners here.

Comintelli provides an award-winning platform for Market & Competitive Intelligence called Intelligence2day®. The platform automatically collects, discovers, organizes, analyzes and shares information and knowledge.

It can be focused on any aspect of the competitive landscape. Supports strategical and tactical decision-making and shortens Time-To-Insights to accelerate business strategy, product innovation and business development.

F.A.Z.-RESEARCH  is the business service of Frankfurter Allgemeine Archiv and offers a wide range of products with a variety of effective instruments for decision-making situations in everyday business life. In addition to market and industry reports, management summaries and compact analyses are just as much a part of the offer as desk research services and the compilation of topic dossiers.

The experts from F.A.Z.-Research can draw on years of experience in information gathering and consolidation. The research teams have reliably provided the F.A.Z. editors with background knowledge and exclusive information since the early beginnings of the newspaper.

MANAGEMENT MONITOR is a product of the Steinbeis Transfer Center for Corporate Development (SZUE) at Pforzheim University. MANAGEMENT MONITOR is a marketing intelligence platform. All relevant information is collected centrally in the market and competition database and extensive market and competition analyses are carried out.

The MONITOR can also be used to carry out and evaluate continuous surveys which are fed into the central cockpit. Management Monitor sees itself as an independent advisor who accompanies customers in their marketing intelligence projects and finds the best possible individual solution for each company.

SPOTFOLIO is the technology scouting platform for corporations and large medium-sized companies. Technology scouting means structured observation and early detection of changes, potentials and relevant knowledge in technological developments and processes.

Spotfolio combines data from the Federal Gazette and data from other primary sources with information from a semantic crawler and thus enables established companies to identify new technologies and business models, to become aware of disruptive trends at an early stage, and to receive important impulses for their own innovation management. Through, research institutions gain new partners for joint projects and for third-party funding.