SVP’s roots date back to 1935 when a special phone number was created in France to promote the popularity of the newly invented telephone. By dialling this special number, the caller could ask the person on the other end of the line questions about things like restaurants, theatre programmes, variétés, etc.

Not long thereafter, Maurice de Turckheim rolled out the service on a broader scale. He created similar numbers for companies to answer their specific questions. He decided to name the service, which was probably the world’s very first hotline, after the traditional French abbreviation for politeness and service:

 SVP – s’il vous plaît

In 1987 ONLINE GmbH, a firm founded in Heidelberg in 1980, became a partner in the SVP network. It was one of the first companies specialising in database programming and quickly expanded to include intelligence services and research for market and company information. Since 1999 it has been trading as SVP Deutschland AG.

The availability and sheer quantity of information is constantly increasing. Information comes flooding in as a mass of unstructured individual pieces of data, making it harder for companies to make decisions. As a market intelligence service provider with competencies in secondary research (desk research) and expert interviews, SVP equips its clients with the aggregated data and information about markets, companies, products and countries that their day-to-day work depends on.

We have more than 20 market intelligence experts with years of experience in different industries and methodologies as well as an excellent grasp of the problem sets they encounter and solutions available. They embody SVP’s competence and the continuity of our partnerships with our clients, enabling them to achieve success not only in the near term, but sustainably and in the long term as well.

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Our clients benefit from our local presence at 73 offices in more than 50 countries. Over 600 market intelligence experts work with us around the world throughout our international network of partners. That means we are able to draw on our global market intelligence partners’ local knowledge in places like Australia, Brazil, China, Mexico, India or South Africa to answer your questions. At the same time, we also guarantee the accuracy and reliability of the information we provide by vetting it through our quality management process.

We have researchpartners in the following countries:

Algeria | Argentina | Australia| Austria | Belgium | Brazil | Canada |Chile | China | Croatia | Czech Rebuplic | Denmark | Egypt | Estonia | Finland | France | Germany | Georgia | Great Britain | Greece  | Hungary | India | Indonesia | Israel | Italy | Japan | Kazakhstan | Latvia | Lithuania | Malaysia | Mexico | Netherlands | Norway | Poland | Portugal | Rumania | Russia | Sweden | Switzerland | Singapore | Slovakia | South Africa | South Korea | Spain | Taiwan | Thailand | Tunisia | Turkey | Ukraine | Uzbekistan | USA | Vietnam |

A systematic future

Over the past four decades, SVP has developed a modular approach that enables us to explore your queries as deeply or in as much complexity as you happen to require.

SVP Consulting and Analysis – Sound. Viable. Professional.

A deep-seated understanding of your needs is at the very heart of what we do. That means that we approach project work efficiently to deliver a client-specific and optimum outcome. From day one, you get the benefit of our years of experience in handling highly complex issues.

SVP Secondary Market Research – Speedy. Verified. Profitable.

We are desk research specialists and well versed in all the relevant sources. Using international databases – including Bureau van Dijk, Bisnode, LexisNexis, Genios and many more – as well as statistical or other sector-specific platforms to analyse existing data and information is our daily business.

Expert Interviews – Specific. Vetted. Personal.

Using in-depth telephone interviews with industry experts and associations (to name a few) to gather reliable information about trends and innovations is essential to keeping up to date. We also verify desk research findings or deliver market data tailored to customer requests as needed.

Iterative Approach – Substantive. Viable. Precise.

Part of the process of our project work is that previous findings are continuously integrated into our future approach. This step-by-step way of proceeding means that we are able to make progress efficiently and deliver bespoke and optimum results to our clients.

Sustainability. Vanguard. Profitability.

Your edge over the competition starts with us. Collaborating with us means reaping lasting benefits including…

  • unlocking internal capacity by flexibly responding to bottlenecks
  • sector-specific intelligence about your own market and beyond
  • another point of view to gain additional information and confidence
  • maximum cost efficiency via a targeted approach and concentration
  • access to more than 50,000 domestic and international, largely subscription-based sources, including over 600 local research partners around the world without having to maintain these resources yourself.

SVP – Smart, Valuable Partners

With nearly 40 employees at our Heidelberg headquarters alone and our international network research partners spanning 50 different countries, we are optimally positioned to provide you with the critical information you need for the success of your company both domestically and internationally.

Almost 20 market intelligence experts with many years of method and branch experience as well as an excellent understanding of tasks and solutions stand for the competence of SVP. They also stand for continuity in the partnership with our customers, in order not only to achieve their success in the short term, but above all to secure it long-term and sustainably.