SVP supports international companies as they enter the German, Austrian and Swiss markets. We have tremendous sector-specific expertise when it comes to market or location analyses, as well as identifying clients or business partners in the DACH region. Germany has been one of the most important countries in the chemical sector since the beginning of the industrial revolution and chemicals have been one of the country’s most successful industries, serving as a cornerstone of German innovation. It is responsible for developing and producing new materials and components for a vast array of different sectors, making it an indispensable part of Germany’s industrial landscape. Behind it all is the exceptionally powerful innovative strength of companies offering high-quality products, a strong industrial network and a high degree of scientific expertise.

Raw material security, green chemistry (sustainability), globalisation, energy efficiency and new materials for 3D printing, e-mobility and regenerative energy sources are currently pivotal issues within the industry.

More than ever before, chemical companies have to set themselves apart from the competition in a globalised world to successfully compensate for adverse factors like energy prices or raw material scarcity. Europe is seeing a shift from manufacturers of basic chemicals to increasingly specialised chemical companies in order mitigate dependence on individual markets or raw materials. SVP is supporting this transition with individual and tailor-made solutions and advisory services.

Selected project portfolio

  • Market analysis of the caprolactone market including a study of the synthesis routes for a planned market entry of an SME chemical company
  • Market and growth estimate for advanced polymers for a potential assessment for a globally active chemical corporation
  • Identification of global production plants of sulphuric acid for a European supplier to assess customer potential
  • Identification of specialty chemicals as part of multiple market analyses for an additive manufacturer
  • International trend analysis of the silicate-based paint and plaster segment to optimise the portfolio of a European additive manufacturer
  • Identification of biotech production trends under clean room conditions within the EU for a clean room product manufacturer
  • Trend scouting in the use of a symmetrical trithiocarbonate for RAFT polymerisation for a RAFT agency market launch
  • Location analyses of global chemical parks to identify potential customers for a service provider
  • Target group analyses for biobased additives in the paint and lacquer segment
  • Identification of global suppliers for sustainably produced alkanoles to establish a new sustainable product line in the paint and lacquer segment
  • Company profile of an Asian paint pigment manufacturer for a European paint producer
  • Quarterly analysis of financial indicators and trends of global of global fertilizer companies as part of a market summary

Services like potential or market analyses for Germany, Austria Switzerland and other European Countries mean our clients are optimally positioned to make decisions about new markets or applications. Identifying target customers or new suppliers frees up valuable headcount in your company because you’ll receive vetted possibilities and not a list of different company names. But that barely scratches the surface. SVP analyses trends in new materials and their potential applications across every industry to future proof your company.

Your external partner in paving the way to servicing the markets of tomorrow against the backdrop of a globalised world and insight to future potential. SVP also frees up internal resources and complements your in-house expertise with external intelligence in an international network quickly and efficiently – especially when it comes to market launches / entering the German, Austrian or Swiss markets.