SVP supports international companies as they enter the German, Austrian and Swiss markets. We have tremendous sector-specific expertise when it comes to market or location analyses, as well as identifying clients or business partners in the DACH region. The German construction sector has been enjoying a steady upwards trend for the last several years. New developments like the refugee crisis, as well as emerging industry trends like digitisation and the need to increase efficiency are continuing to confront the German market. Yet these are just some of the developments that also represent formidable challenges for the construction industry. They demand dynamic business models and innovative products and services to build on past positive growth.

Intelligent technologies also offer the construction industry not only the chance to become more efficient, but also unlock new business segments and additional growth opportunities. At the same time, the market is highly differentiated with a growing demand for infrastructure projects in developing markets on the one hand and a decreasing availability of marketable properties in Europe on the other, driving players like institutional investors in a corner.

Selected project portfolio

  • Potential analysis for networked construction site solutions
  • Target customer identification in the construction industry, focusing on HVAC project developers
  • Market potential analysis on perimeter insulation usage
  • Profile of smart home companies
  • Market analysis of domestic ventilation in Europe
  • Market study on thermal insulation systems in Germany
  • Market analysis of cold rooms in Europe
  • Smart glass tech screens
  • Market analysis of organic light emitting diodes
  • Study on self-cleaning and dirt-resistant surfaces – technology, research and development, applications
  • Country potential analysis of sun protection technologies

Intelligent technologies for smart homes, digital planning tools, 3D printers and construction automation will all play key roles in future. Recognising new developments early on is critical. Trend analysis and monitoring reports are the right tools to stay on the ball.

Green technology products geared at improving sustainability and energy efficiency are no exception. The usefulness of market analyses and competition reports cannot be overemphasised. They are tools that will help you identify new trends at their onset and adjust your services and products to meet market demands. But asking questions about who the right suppliers for product innovations or who your target customers are also shouldn’t be overlooked. Ultimately it’s only when trends and potential in developing markets are caught at the right time that it’s possible to make strategic decisions for your future.