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SVP market intelligence

For more than 35 years, SVP has specialised in analysing markets. Our know-how enables us to provide you with comprehensive support, whether you need an all-encompassing market analysis or selective ad hoc research. You are not sure whether we can support you with market intelligence or another service? Just get in touch with us. We will clarify this together.

SVP Service

Ad hoc research topics

Use the SVP service for ad hoc topics that do not call for an in-depth analysis and require a fast delivery time.

As an addition of supplementary capacity or to access additional sources and knowledge on trending topics or new sectors.

Topics such as:

  • Leveraging MI experts to gain additional capacity and knowledge
  • Individual information on companies, company profile or location analysis
  • Trends / initial analysis of technologies such as batteries, hydrogen, CCUS, circular economy, biopolymers, etc.
  • 2-3 short interviews to verify data or as a basis for an initial assessment
  • Initial market overview based on desk research or detailed information on a market where information gaps exist

SVP Projects

Our offer for you

As different as your market intelligence needs are, so different are the possibilities to work with us. From individual deep-dive projects to SVP services for ad hoc research, we are sure to find the right solution for you.

SVP Service

billing models

Do you have recurring needs for ad hoc research or additional capacity? Our market intelligence experts deliver results within a few days or on the same day. You need company information, statistics, market data, ad hoc analyses on trends or other current topics? Fast, flexible, uncomplicated. That’s exactly what we specialise in.

Flexible billing models
for 1 or more ad hoc projects per month

Try the SVP Service.

SVP Projects

FROM € 3,500
on offer basis

You require professional support for an individual project, a larger market analysis or, a deep-dive analyses on a specific topic? National or international? We accompany you in specifying the topic and determine the optimal “step by step” approach together with you. In this way, you receive a result tailored to your needs at a reasonable cost-benefit ratio.

FROM € 3,500 on offer basis

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Desk research

We are specialists in secondary B2B market research (Desk Research) and are familiar with the essential sources and databases. It is our daily business to evaluate data and information from more than 100 international databases. For our research we use company databases, press databases, start-up databases, industry-specific databases, market report databases and many more. Due to our expertise in desk research or secondary market research, we know immediately where to find which data and how important reliable figures are.

Expert interviews

We verify and supplement the results from desk research or identify customer requirements in expert interviews. In this way, we obtain well-founded information, especially on market sizes, competitors, trends and innovations. We always select the interview partners from industry, associations or research on a topic-specific basis. By means of qualitative expert interviews, we gain individual, up-to-date insights.

Market models

We use our industry expertise and knowledge of macroeconomic data to create valid market models based on a top-down/bottom-up approach or market forecasts. Our MI experts have the understanding to evaluate data, to recognize correlations and to assess macroeconomic and political influencing factors. We provide you with added value when forecasts are missing, data on markets comes from unreliable sources or is outdated.