New products are constantly capturing the market, trends emerge whilst others fade, and societal changes also have massive market implications. Unexpected situations can intensify market dynamics at any time, as was the case with the drastic upheavals brought on by Covid-19. It has affected markets around the world, which have had to react quickly and flexibly. The need for new solutions brought on by the crisis has also sparked many digitalisation initiatives so that companies can work more efficiently under changed conditions. Market situations and potentials have changed completely, and globally.

The upheavals caused by the 2020 coronavirus pandemic are just examples of obvious market developments that impact nearly every sector. Markets are, of course, also constantly changing regardless of these types of dramatic events, and at a rapid pace. That is why it is so important in general for companies to use systematic market analyses as a sound foundation for making strategic decisions for the future. A company’s management has to know how its market looks and how it is developing. SVP provides you with the information you need – we support you with professional market analyses.


A market analysis is a systematic evaluation of available market data. It serves as the basis for strategic decision making for future business development. A market analysis covers market shares, competition and target customers as well as the overall market environment and market development forecasts. In addition, the systematic market analysis also looks at data on suppliers, sales, products and new technologies and trends.

  • Why a market analysis gives you a competitive advantage
    Using professional market analyses as a basis, you can make the right strategic decisions and set your company on a path of growth. It is the most common reason for commissioning a market analysis. Naturally, that also applies to start-ups; company founders should always base their initiatives to establish themselves on the market on a professional market analysis. SVP sets out the competitive landscape and the market potential for your sector in a complete market environment analysis.
  • Our market analysis and research experience
    We support you with systematic market analyses and observations so that you can make the right strategic decisions – both nationally and internationally. SVP has more than 35 years of experience in generating market analyses for a wide variety of different sectors. Below we will show you how professional market analyses look, how they are conducted, what immediate advantages they can offer you and how you can benefit from them over the long term.


SVP’s market analysis begins with checking and vetting available market indicators as part of our desk research. Using the existing data, we calculate market figures and generate forecasts. Our approach to a market analysis is, of course, tailored to the market type. Particularly in the blue ocean B2B segment, where data tends to be patchy, we fill in the missing market data with expert interviews, including on an international level. Below is a description of the different aspects that go into researching a market and shape our approach.

Secondary market research

SVP analyses competitors and the market size and potential through extensive desk research. As part of this work, we have access to more than 300 databases with different focus areas, such as press databases, company databases, import databases and trade databases. A decisive factor for a robust analysis is checking a variety of different sources and evaluating them. Here we can call upon more than 35 years of experience and profound expert knowledge.

Market models and forecasts

The information gathered in desk research through sources such as statistical offices, association publications, import/export databases or annual reports is complemented with our own market potential or forecast calculations. We compare market data from third party providers with available knowledge, run plausibility checks and validate the data. High data quality depends on a variety of different factors. If markets are difficult to grasp, expert interviews are especially helpful to enhance quality. It is essential to ensuring that a market analysis contains strong forecasts and points the way forward for our clients’ strategic decisions.

Primary market research and expert interviews

We specialise in the B2B segment. We use primary market research to fill gaps in secondary market research or validate desk research data. We rely primarily on expert interviews to achieve this. As part of this process, we have to truly understand the relevant markets and engage in a dialogue with interviewees as peers. That is why only our Market Intelligence experts with many years of industry experience and excellent industry expertise conduct these interviews. Understanding markets, leveraging expert knowledge – that is the crucial principle that guides our approach to market analyses.

Project progress – iterative approach with a high degree of transparency

While our research is under way, you receive constant feedback about the project’s progress. Our approach is iterative and we coordinate with you at every stage so that the project progress is transparent for you. The findings are provided to you with clearly prepared reviews in your preferred format in German or English. Finally, we present you with all of the findings in a summary that sets out sound recommendations for the strategic direction of your company.

Recommended actions – your value added with an SVP market analysis

As part of the final result, you not only receive a valid market analysis, but we also interpret the information for you and recommend competent actions for you to take. What concrete implications does the analysis of your market and competitors have for your business strategy? We will tell you after investigating all the available data, researching current trends and generating far-reaching forecasts. That is where SVP provides you with unique value added. Take advantage of what we have to offer and let us provide you with a quote for a systematic market analysis including recommended actions.


SVP supports you with more than 35 years of experience in studying markets – whether you need a comprehensive market analysis or only certain components. Our analyses cover all the issues, precisely tailored to your specific requirements: We investigate market size, potential, drivers and barriers, the competitive landscape, target customers and trends. Extensive desk research is generally at the heart of every analysis and we complement it with expert interviews.
Unleash the power of SVP’s strengths:

Dependability – Because our market analyses are used as a basis for strategic decisions, we know that valid facts and figures are extremely important. We test sources and data quality very critically and check them using a two-stage quality assurance process. Where a great deal of market data is available, a critical analysis is especially important. In some markets, however, such as B2B or blue ocean, robust information is often not immediately available. In those cases, we generate market data using expert interviews.

Customer orientation – Working closely with our clients is the cornerstone of a strong market analysis. In the run-up to a project, we coordinate closely with you, determine your requirements and goals in an extensive briefing process and define the relevant research focus points for the market analysis. Our approach to working with you is iterative so that the project’s progress is always as transparent as possible for you. The results are presented to you clearly in the form of a presentation and a working paper. You receive all the materials in your preferred format in German or English.

Internationality – For international market issues, we call upon our global network of experts and work with partners in more than 50 countries. The way that we efficiently exchange information in this network is of particular interest if you are expanding your company and are planning, for example, to enter especially important markets like China, the USA or Southeast Asia. We also have partners with whom we work closely on location in Eastern European countries. SVP can provide you with extensive support because we know the ins and outs of these markets. We guarantee you an excellent international range of sources and use expert interviews and database research on location in the respective local language to provide you with the highest quality analysis.


Do you already have an established product and would like to grow your market share?
Or would you like to unlock new business areas with a technological innovation?

SVP reveals all the information you need to position yourself to achieve the greatest possible success entering new markets or introducing products. We lay the groundwork by preparing a precise market environment analysis. How does your potential target sector look, how are competitors positioned, what is the product situation and how do the current trends look?

The additional aspects of a market analysis could be:


A market analysis is relevant for many departments within a company and can answer a variety of different questions and establish benchmarks. It forms the foundation for strategic decisions and makes it possible for your marketing department to act strategically. Competition, target groups, media data and market potential are identified precisely. SVP analyses all the important aspects that affect the development of your company:

  • Documenting existing product offerings
  • Identifying target groups and customers
  • Market definition and segmentation
  • Value chains, sales chains and distribution
  • Determining market potential
  • View of the competition
  • New business idea launch
  • Product-market-fit comparison
  • Assessing opportunities and risks
  • Expansion strategies

Using the following catalogue of questions, you can see examples of what sort of information we can gather and provide for you. The questions relate to three areas relevant for success: business development, product development and sales support.

  • What revenue can I generate with my product in a new sales market, or with a new product in an existing market?
  • How can I secure and grow my market shares, or what are the implications of current market developments for my company?
  • How are my competitors positioning themselves and what new competitors are entering the market?
  • How big is the market, what developments, key players and potential clients are there in international markets?
  • You are planning a new technology or product and are asking yourself: what sectors and target markets are relevant for you and what their size is?
  • How great is the demand for the product or technology?
  • What alternative application markets are there for my product and what are the customer requirements in these markets?
  • What are legal requirements and certifications like in different countries?
  • What do I need to be aware of in terms of data protection in international markets?
  • What patent laws do I need to adhere to specially in international markets for a product launch? Is there product protection?
  • What is the number of potential target customers and what is the size of the overall market?
  • How will the market develop in future and will the market continue to be relevant and/or is it a growth market?
  • Is there not much competition on the market or do I need to implement an exclusionary strategy?
  • What trends and requirements drive the market and target customers, and what line of argumentation does my sales department need to take?
  • How do customary distribution structures and the best distribution channels and partners look?

Securing competitive advantages
SVP’s market analysis works through the questions in a targeted way to deliver valuable information that secures long-term competitive advantages for you. But we do not just provide you with the results in comprehensive reviews or presentations, we also provide you with concrete action recommendations.

Understanding markets – recommending actions
As an SVP customer, you can expect more than reliable results on the current state of affairs. You also receive concrete recommended actions for your company from us based directly on the analyses. Our excellent industry knowledge means we understand your market and your target sectors. It is a precondition for being able to formulate practical recommended actions from the findings we have generated. Benefit from the industry expertise of our MI experts in more than a dozen industries.


We use a variety of different methods in our market analyses that are tailored not only to goals and industries, but also the particularities of the market. Is it a B2B, consumer or blue ocean market? That answer alone means significant differences in our analysis’s methodology.
SVP uses the following models and tools in particular:

SVP method

In addition to the well-known classic models and methods that SVP uses, we always work in a targeted manner for the needs of our customers. This means that we may only use partial aspects of the classic market models for the analysis of a market, combine them anew or supplement the existing models with alternative approaches and our own calculations.

Porter’s Five Forces

This industry structure analysis for business planning makes it possible to undertake a systematic and comprehensive review of factors that are relevant to competition. Under this model, the influence of five competitive forces is determined: Rivalry amongst existing competitors, threat of new entrants, bargaining power of suppliers, bargaining power of buyers and threat of substitutes.

PESTEL analysis

This is a strategic analysis tool used to assess the impact of external factors on your business. The term PESTEL stands for the initial letters of the influencing factors: political, economic, social, technological, ecological, legal.

Ansoff Matrix

This strategic planning tool is also called the product-market matrix. It serves primarily to develop marketing strategies aimed at a company’s growth. It sets out four different growth strategies: market penetration, market development, product differentiation and diversification.


– The foundation for being able to carry out valid market studies
Our deep-seated industry expertise is an important precondition for being able to generate market analyses on a solid foundation of data. SVP can call upon more than 35 years of experience in B2B markets, including the electrical and electronics sector, the construction industry, the energy sector, medical technology, mobility, ITC, engineering and the chemical sector.

We work in interdisciplinary teams, especially when it comes to large projects. Globalisation and digitalisation are driving the networking of companies and markets across different industries. As such, the electrical and electronics sector, for example, requires an understanding of adjacent industries. We also have market intelligence experts who work together closely in our other core industries as well. Exchanging expert knowledge unlocks synergies that make it possible to form a comprehensive view of the market. That also enables us to keep an eye on future target markets.

Get to know our industry experts

Every SVP experts has many years of experience in preparing market analyses and has specific industry knowledge. Get in touch with us, we will recommend the right MI experts for your industry.


To give you a better impression of our performance, we offer you market analysis examples for download here. These are anonymized in such a way that they do not allow any conclusions to be drawn about our customers. Important data are also made unrecognizable – it is more about the structure and visualization of the evaluation.


Every company can use a market analysis to lay a foundation for making the right strategic decisions, confronting changing markets successfully and continuing to grow.

Anyone who founds a company and wants to receive financing should absolutely prepare a market analysis and incorporate the results into their business plan. Doing so demonstrates that the start-up plans are on firm footing. A market study sets out the competitive landscape, supply and demand and the market potential.

SVP uses AI research tools that increasingly automate and optimise standard searches in databases and in the internet, as well as finding new sources and results on the web. Because AI tools are systems that learn, they are especially good at standard research queries that come up repeatedly, i.e. queries on the competition or on new product developments.

We combine the benefits of automated research with the industry experience of our Market Intelligence experts. To do so, we rely on the “intelligence2day” software from Comintelli. This provides qualified results on the competition and new technologies and trends, including on the impacts of the 2020 coronavirus situation on the markets as well. We rely on media monitoring in particular for market screening. You can find out more about our tools here:

Due to current market dynamics, the issue of digitalisation is particularly in demand; digital trade fair platforms, alternative communication and exchange platforms, and working in the cloud are a few examples. In addition, cross-sector issues like new mobility, hydrogen and smart industry are also relevant.

You can find information about available positions under “Careers in market research at SVP”:

A basic market analysis starts at EUR 3,000. Depending on the type, industries, number of countries being considered and the degree of complexity of the market, a market analysis may be considerably more work intensive. SVP has more than 35 years of experience examining markets and provides you with support in both your smaller and larger projects.