AI and automation play an increasingly important role in Market Intelligence and therefore also for SVP. We have taken this seriously and have scanned over 130 tools that automate or optimize research. SVP thus has a very good overview of the current market intelligence tools with their possibilities and limits.

We know which tasks can be solved with which tools. Conversely, we know which tools fit which requirements.

We are already using various Market Intelligence tools for our customers in order to perform basic tasks as automated as possible and to present results in a contemporary manner. Accordingly, we can save time in research and thus reduce the workload. Since SVP always adapts to customer requirements, we generally offer different solutions depending on how self-sufficient the customer wants to be.


No tool is as good as a person, but tools allow you to automate regular tasks. That is why SVP offers the special service “Qualified News”. We combine the industry experience of our Market Intelligence experts with the advantages of automated research using the “intelligence2day” software from Comintelli. This provides you with qualified news tailored to your needs and reduces the workload through automation. The news are always focused on your interests, e. g. competitive information, new technologies, changes with regard to trend topics or the current corona situation.
We monitor everything you want to keep an eye on and you decide with us what the solution should look like.

We offer various solutions for qualified news:

  • Would you like to regularly receive selected, qualified news in a newsletter?
  • Or would you prefer selected qualified news in an export format to import the data into your own system?
  • Perhaps you would like to install the solution in your company, but need project-related support for setup, that is: for selection of sources, for selection, taxonomy and linking of keywords, for adapting the tool to your needs?

Talk to us about which solution is right for you.


Dashboards are the right solution if you regularly review and update developments. In addition to our SVP service, which collects and analyzes market and company information for you, we offer the presentation in dashboards for regular observations. Company profiles, industry developments or market data, all KPIs can be clearly presented in dashboards and can be updated on a daily basis.

Dashboards offer many advantages:

  • They make it easier to access relevant information when several users want to share the information.
  • The latest version of the information is always displayed automatically.
  • They allow access from all devices, including mobile ones.
  • SVP takes over all or a part of the data input as well as the setup and update of the dashboard.

Here too, SVP offers various solutions that are tailored to your needs.


SVP uses an AI tool in particular to regularly monitor special ingredients or technologies. It allows standard searches in databases and on the Internet, which are then continuously further automated and refined using the AI research tool.

At the same time, an AI solution continuously identifies new sources and results on the WWW. For example, it is possible to monitor and discover the emergence of certain ingredients worldwide in order to identify competitive products. Since they are learning systems, AI solutions fulfill their purpose particularly in the case of recurring research – for example, regarding the competition or new product developments.

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