Shaping the future

SVP offers a wide variety of different product-focused services to assist purchasing departments looking at new suppliers, R&D with product development or product management and marketing in product design or product positions in countries like Germany, for example.

Identifying new suppliers

Before deciding to go with a new supplier, it makes sense to get different quotes and compare products. SVP can support your purchasing department by filling capacity shortfalls or liaising with local partners on international markets who understand how things work there.

Supporting product development R&D

Sometimes you need to try out different materials in the product development process to decide which is the right one. Because you need to test out how the different properties interact as a whole or to see how objective manufacturers are really being when describing their products. By identifying suitable suppliers and ordering data sheets or samples, SVP can help you through this phase of production.

New areas of application or new target customers

Gaining market share and generating higher sales is the primary objective of any company. Deploying existing products in new application areas or target groups is a great means to achieving just that at relatively little expense. SVP helps companies identify new areas of application and new target customers.

Patent and Trademark Registration

Access to brand and patent databases is a tremendous source of opportunity in the market intelligence world. In addition to the usual checks of whether a patent or trademark is registered for a product or service, scanning patent applications can offer much much more. SVP takes advantage of it to spot technology trends or whether something is up and coming or old hat. It also makes it possible to identify market players or assess new areas of applications for our clients’ products.