Identifying new customers, suppliers, takeover candidates and partners is essential for sales, purchasing, business development and M&A, and is the foundation for a company’s future development and success.

Supplier research – Our service for purchasing

SVP aggregates a variety of different sources and tests the relevance of each company. Our clients’ needs are everything when it comes to selecting the right suppliers. Working hand-in-hand with our clients, we vet potential suppliers against a variety of different criteria, including size, creditworthiness, technical competence, production capacity and even leveraging expert interviews to identify contacts and exploring whether suppliers might be interested in establishing a new relationship.

You’ll get a specially selected array of potential suppliers tailored to your exact needs.

Identifying new target customers – Our service for sales

Trusted names are essential to keeping sales costs low and maximising return. SVP can support your sales department by identifying and verifying potential names. After searching various databases and widely available online sources, we prepare a short list of companies and vet their relevance. Criteria including company size, activities, certifications, references and much much more play and important role.

You get a tested list of companies and target customers – filtered and vetted.

New partners, mergers & acquisitions – Our service for business development

Technology gaps, expanding a product range or entering new markets are all things that mergers and acquisitions or partnerships can make more feasible. Thanks to its extensive access to different databases and resources, identifying suitable companies is SVP’s bread and butter. New partners and takeover candidates are scrutinised according to your criteria. Detailed company profiles setting out all the information you need to form a precise understanding and sense of a company can add to company lists with short descriptions.