SVP supports international companies as they enter the German, Austrian and Swiss markets. We have tremendous sector-specific expertise when it comes to market or location analyses, as well as identifying clients or business partners in the DACH region. On the whole, the automotive sector in Germany and around the world is in the midst of the greatest revolution since the invention of the car itself. New powertrains, electronic engines and, last but certainly not least, the driverless car are having a drastic impact on the world of OEMs, suppliers and retailers. Companies must tackle the challenge of developing compelling technological designs and business models while simultaneously achieving greater product cost optimisation, for example by devising new platform strategies, in order to compete with new competitors, including those outside the industry.

Whether lorry or passenger vehicles, the automobile looks different today than ever before. Networking, driver assistance systems and infotainment are evolving and will soon be standard. In addition, players have to meet the demands of future mobility behaviours with new sharing, telematic and logistics designs. With this landscape in mind, SVP carries out market, potential and trend analyses, pinpoints the right international partners or suppliers for new technologies in order to keep its clients a step ahead of tough competition.

Selected project portfolio

  • Potential analysis for stop-and-go technology in China, India
  • Market summary and forecast of alternative power train technologies
  • Market analysis for sealing machines in chassis construction
  • Technology trends for driver assistance systems and infotainment
  • Identifying suppliers of CRPF components
  • Market analysis of automotive suppliers in NAFTA
  • Report on plastics consumption in the automotive sector
  • Identification of automotive 3D rear light manufacturers
  • Size of R&D budgets in the automotive industry
  • The top 50 manufacturers of driverless harvesting machines
  • Trend study on corporate mobility / corporate carsharing

New product developments are necessary to minimise CO2 emissions, extend car driving range, enhance comfort or increase safety. Market or trend analyses can help you obtain the right information about the latest materials in lightweight chassis construction, such as high-strength steels, aluminium or CRPF. Market research and product intelligence lay the informational groundwork for decision-making relating to the battery and motor technology segment, the latest electronic and sensor technologies for driver assistance systems and car safety features. Regular monitoring can help you keep an eye on the legal framework and regulations for automated technologies, innovative business models and new players in the market.