Ad hoc research and Market analyses

SVP market intelligence

What we are really good at.

  1. SVP Service – Well-founded ad hoc research, which delivers fast and reliable results. When time is of the essence and you need insight into markets, companies or news and current trends and developments.
  2. SVP Projects – Meaningful market analyses that provide a reliable basis for decision-making. We help you to evaluate markets, new fields of application or innovation potential.
  3. SVP Tools – Automation and AI-based solutions for maximum relevance and efficiency. So that you are always one step ahead.

Six good reasons to use SVP

You have no time?

You lack the resources to do research? In case of time pressure, load peaks, and volatile demand, we are your partner.

You need valid B2B secondary market research?

Our MI experts know which database or source has the information you need. As specialists, we have access to over 100 databases and the global SVP network.

You require sound data from verifiable sources?

Market data, trend analyses, forecasts etc. are a crucial decision-making basis for your future strategy. We provide you with qualified, valid data and facts.

You need solutions which are as individual as your requirements?

Perfectly prepared or “quick and dirty”? An initial overview or very detailed? In English or in German? PPT or dashboard? Our experts provide you with customized solutions.

You have no time to waste?

Most projects are time sensitive. We can handle small ad-hoc projects on the same day. For deep-dive market analyses, you will have initial results within two weeks.

Market intelligence insight (almost) automatically?

With automation to success: we monitor markets, innovations, competitors, or new technologies that you want to keep a constant eye on with the help of market intelligence tools.

We use valid sources to provide up-to-date, reliable data for you to make smart decisions.

Market intelligence for your industry

Whether mobility and transportation or healthcare, whether information technology or chemicals, whether energy, construction, or mechanical engineering: all of our market intelligence experts have a specific industry focus and are constantly undergoing further training.

You can therefore rely on us to find the right specialist for your company, who is familiar with the current trend topics in your industry and also your target markets.


Mechanical & Electrical Engineering

Chemical Industry


Information Technology

Construction & Energy

Our offer

SVP Service


You have recurring needs for company information, statistics, market data, ad-hoc analyses on trends or other topics? Fast, flexible, uncomplicated. That‘s exactly what we specialize in.


Results within a few days or on the same day

SVP Projects

FROM € 3,500 on offer basis

You would like professional support for an individual project, a larger market analysis or a deep-dive analysis on a specific topic? We can do all this for you!

Let us prepare an offer for you.

International or national markets & various industries

Insights on innovations & industries

Open Innovation – SVP as part of your innovation network

In the traditional understanding, innovation management meant that innovations are developed exclusively internally within an organization. However, the innovation process has long since ceased to be just an internal process.

Transformation of the chemical industry toward climate neutrality

Over the past few months, we have taken you on an informative journey through the chemical industry. It has become obvious that there is no alternative to the transformation of the chemical industry towards climate neutrality.

Renewable Energy Power Supply – Navigating a Path Fraught with Challenges

As in previous years, the International Energy Agency (IEA) expects significant global market growth in renewable energy in 2023, with a record addition of new installations.

Market intelligence

Market intelligence is the basis of everything we do. Valid data is required to create meaningful market analyses, market studies, competition investigations, company profiles or to understand how political and economic changes affect markets, prices or raw material offers. Within the framework of B2B market research, we identify reliable data and transform it into tenable analyses and recommendations for action.


SVP is THE Market Intelligence Company. As most of our experts have been working with us for more than 10 years, every single one of them has extensive B2B industry knowledge and distinctive market intelligence competence. This profound know-how and far-reaching project experience are our company DNA. In addition, we cooperate with local research partners in over 50 countries on international market studies and expert interviews. Last but not least, our customers also appreciate our speed, which is particularly useful for ad hoc research. This makes us your competent partner when it comes to new markets or when you need additional market intelligence capacities.

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