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AI and sustainability in the manufacturing industry

The integration of AI into the manufacturing industry promotes sustainability through real-time data analysis, predictive maintenance and intelligent control systems. These technologies help to conserve resources, reduce emissions and increase efficiency.

How do you do Innovation Scouting in practice?

Human expertise is irreplaceable. Market intelligence experts can provide context, understand complex relationships and provide qualitative assessments. The combination of automation and human expertise creates a powerful synergy.

Generative AI in Market & Competitive Intelligence

Everyone is talking about generative AI and the business and trade press is full of articles about possible use cases, potential savings and the impact on the world of work.

AI is making the energy future sustainable, but its energy demand is enormous

AI in the energy sector is being driven primarily by the increasing global demand for energy. AI has the ability to automate and optimize a range of energy-related processes.

Business and market intelligence tools under scrutiny – Part 2

Business Intelligence and Market & Competitive Intelligence may sound similar, but they are two different approaches in the company to obtain important information and make decisions.

A Real Estate Concept in Building Design on Computer Tablet Blueprint for Engineering Construction Project Design Plan Blueprint Building Structure Development Construction Site Generative AI

Revolution in the construction industry through artificial intelligence?

Ongoing research projects aim to speed up processes, increase efficiency and potentially reduce the physical demands on workers.

CIMI.CON Evolution

Our cooperation partner from Sweden, Comintelli AG, will also be at our stand, so that it can also be a good opportunity to discuss the specific options offered by the i2d knowledge platform.

Open Innovation – SVP as part of your innovation network

In the traditional understanding, innovation management meant that innovations are developed exclusively internally within an organization.

Transformation of the chemical industry toward climate neutrality

Over the past few months, we have taken you on an informative journey through the chemical industry. It has become obvious that there is no alternative to the transformation of the chemical industry towards climate neutrality.

Renewable Energy Power Supply – Navigating a Path Fraught with Challenges

Despite the unparalleled growth of renewable energies, the energy sector continues to be dominated by fossil fuels.

Renewable energies – preconditions for the transition to climate neutrality in the chemical industry

Series of articles on the sustainable transformation of the chemical industry with six main topics. This time the focus is on renewable energy.

ChatGPT – White Paper

Most people have heard of it, but few have actually used AI technology such as ChatGPT in a professional context. In order to show where its use can be useful and where not, we have tested it intensively and compiled our experiences in this white paper.

Sustainability in the MedTech World

Sustainability is a way of thinking that integrates eco-design principles to create products with a smaller environmental footprint.

New processes and technologies

The electrification of processes and technologies plays a crucial role in the transformation of the chemical industry toward a climate-neutral orientation. The German chemical industry will require huge amounts of additional electricity.

Carbon Capture – Approaches in the Concrete Industry

Carbon capture is crucial for a climate-neutral future. Cement production alone accounts for about 5 % of global CO2 emissions.

CCUS – Carbon Capture, Utilisation and Storage

CCUS is a process for capturing CO₂ and transporting it to a facility where it is either used for other purposes or stored in geological formations.

Circular economy in the health sector

The linear economic model has become firmly established in the healthcare sector – clearly visible in the ubiquity of disposable products.

Circular economy

To save resources, there is no alternative to the circular economy. And the chemical industry has a key role to play here.

Impact of hydrogen development on mechanical engineering

Climate neutrality, sustainability and the energy transition – the issues of our time – are driving hydrogen strategies and investments by governments and companies worldwide.

Hydrogen economy

Does it make sense to transport the hydrogen produced directly or is green ammonia an economical alternative?

Energy bands – putting an intelligent concept into practice

“No more kilometers of freeway are to be planned without exploiting the possibilities of generating renewable energies”, according to the resolution of the traffic light government. But how is that supposed to work?

KPI Dashboard – Whitepaper

Constant monitoring of key performance indicators is crucial to the success of any business. A dashboard can help you keep an eye on the most important KPIs for your company.

Bio-based raw materials, biogas and biorefineries

The chemical industry in Germany is currently experiencing its worst crisis since the global economic crisis in 2009. In 2022, chemical production fell by around 12% compared to the previous year. This means it will slump more than during the global economic crisis.

Geothermal energy: green district heating

Germany has set itself the goal of achieving climate neutrality in the heating sector by 2045. A large proportion of energy is used for heating, almost 70 percent of which is fossil fuels.

Sustainability – Key to unlock future growth

Sustainability and market intelligence are crucial to understanding and analysing the current and future state of a market. Incorporating sustainability into market intelligence can help businesses to identify opportunities and risks related to environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues.

Sustainability or the long way to green chemistry

To achieve objectives of greenchemistry, first steps are taken in the direction of achieving circular chemistry. At the moment efforts are concentrating on reducing the share of non-renewable raw materials.

Challenges in implementing sustainable construction

The construction industry consumes resources in a way that is not sustainable, using large quantities at a high rate.

In the automotive industry, we need more focus on the circular economy

If you follow the press releases and annual and sustainability reports of leading German automakers and suppliers, you might think that the automotive industry in this country is one of the pioneers when it comes to sustainability.

Sustainability in the packaging industry

Sustainability is one of the biggest challenges and one of the biggest opportunities for the packaging industry. Packaging has become an important commodity as all industries actively work to reduce their environmental impact.

Need to reduce the environmental impact of the medical device industry

The healthcare sector is a major source of greenhouse gas emissions, both directly and indirectly through the purchase of goods and services.

Sustainability targets: How the biotechnology industry is going forward

The biotechnology industry is particularly focused on improving the quality of life and creating value for society. The industry's groundbreaking innovations are the basis for global health and prosperity.

Sustainable power supply – Airborne wind energy

Before conventional wind turbines generate green electricity, they first release a lot of CO2. Cement and steel make up by far the largest portion of a wind power plant. Up to an incredible 80 tons of steel are used per wind turbine.

Our creative minds in the field of Sustainability

Sustainability has proven to be an important topic in our recent projects. At SVP, we believe that in the future, companies must formulate their strategies based on the company's sustainability commitments.

Does chemistry have to reinvent itself in the energy crisis?

As an energy-intensive sector, the chemical industry accounts for around 10.5 percent of German energy consumption. The proportion is even higher for natural gas and electricity, the industry's two most important energy sources.

Energy supply and price development – influences and effects

The “German Angst” is spreading in Germany and Europe. German consumers in particular are turning to electricity-based heating appliances, just as they did with toilet paper in the past.

Automobile manufacturers vs. suppliers – passing on the price increase causes conflicts

The general conditions for the automotive industry have deteriorated further since the beginning of the year. The industry continues to be affected by problems along the value chain with raw materials and intermediate products.

Inflation in mining and metal industry

Inflation in the mining industry is skyrocketing as rising input costs and high selling prices divert attention away from cost control.

Renewable energies for heating and cooling

In future, municipal heating networks will have to play an even greater role in the supply of heat from renewable energies, as they can be used to tap into heat sources such as deep geothermal energy, industrial waste heat or ground-mounted solar thermal energy.

The key threats to the global pharma industry

The main problem with generics is that the production of preliminary products and end products is increasingly being pooled worldwide.

Rising energy prices – a double-edged sword for the construction industry

Rising energy costs, are making more apparent in the construction industry mainly due to increasing transport costs, but also directly due to rising fuel costs for construction machinery.

China is ahead in the 5G sector

The extremely powerful 5G mobile technology is pursuing the historic mission of effectively driving forward the digital transformation of industries.

Offshore Carbon-Capture- und Storage

According to the United Nations, the risk of at least temporary global warming of 1.5 degrees above pre-industrial levels has risen to 50 percent over the next five years.

A bit like the Starship Enterprise

Researchers at Stanford University together with colleagues at Harvard University in Cambridge, USA, have succeeded in printing 3D objects volumetrically in a stationary resin.

Farewell to the oil age: does the future belong to biorefineries?

The chemical industry is in the midst of a revolutionary transformation process in which the circular economy, recycling, sustainability and biorefineries are elementary building blocks for the goal of climate neutrality.

About early diagnosis, bioprinter proteins and electric fields

The basis of the patented technology is the so-called electrowetting effect. It describes the change in the surface tension of liquids when an electric field is applied.

Pioneers of hydrogen-powered flight

Aviation is considered one of the fastest growing sources of greenhouse gas emissions. For this reason, regulators worldwide are pushing for environmentally friendly aviation and net-zero CO2 emissions by 2050.

Hybrider Workshop SVP & Comintelli am 10. Mai 2022

The changes within the logistics industry, whether on land, water or in the air, are fast-moving and often hard to keep track of.

Production of cable harnesses in the Ukraine

The wiring harnesses are complex components, some of which are individually manufactured for each vehicle model, which distribute the signals from sensors and control units.

Market for electrolyzers – the global race begins

In its "World Energy Transition Outlook 2022", the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) predicts that the costs of electrolysers will fall by 2030 at a similar rate to that of solar panels and wind turbines.

Digital pent-up demand in the German healthcare sector

The expansion of a more powerful Internet infrastructure, the development of an e-health strategy, better networking in the healthcare system and a significant improvement in IT security in healthcare facilities could accelerate digitalization.

Artificial nerve fibers

To date, numerous self-healing materials have been developed based on very different modes of action and have been successfully used in flexible touchscreens or wearable energy generators.

Intel fulfilling Europe’s hunger for semiconductor chips

The shortage of semiconductor chips is a major issue disrupting the European supply chain. With the Chips Act, the European Union is looking for solutions to strengthen Europe's technological leadership while ensuring responsible sourcing.

Medical Cannabis in Germany

The legalization of cannabis is a long-discussed topic and will be implemented with the new government in the near future.

Bioenergy from microalgae

Microalgae can reach lipid contents of up to 70 percent and starch contents of up to 60 percent. They grow considerably faster than land plants and require hardly any nutrients or pesticides.

10 years of experience CAR-T cell therapy

For around 10 years, leukemia patients have been treated with CAR T-cell therapy as a last resort. Patients are given genetically modified T cells that specifically recognize and eliminate the diseased cells with their antigen-specific receptors.

Targeted drug release: The microswimmers are loose

A hitherto unsolved problem in cancer therapy: How can the diseased cells be targeted without damaging the good ones? If the active substances could be administered specifically at the "crime scene", not only could the dose be reduced, but the collateral damage could also be minimized.

The race for the metaverse is on

The metaverse opens up the possibility of a more immersive learning experience in education, the military, medicine, research and other areas. It can create a more immersive virtual shopping experience with more complex “products”, significantly expanding the reach of retail.

Robotics in the construction industry

The focus of developers is increasingly shifting from the purely supportive functions of robots to enabling the automated construction of complete buildings and infrastructure.

Green hydrogen is changing the geopolitical map of the world

The actual demand for green hydrogen is not expected to pick up until the mid-2030s. IRENA estimates that green hydrogen could cover up to 12 percent of global energy consumption by 2050, with almost a third being traded across borders.

A solid-state electrolyte for batteries made of rubber?

Major battery manufacturers such as CATL and SK Innovation are currently researching alternative solid-state batteries in order to optimize problems such as a lack of sustainability and safety. Inorganic ceramic material or organic polymers are usually used here.

Antibiotic with human origin

The newly discovered substance belongs to the lipoproteins and thus to the so-called cell-autonomous immune defense. The production of the substance apolipoprotein APOL3 is only activated by complex mechanisms of the immune system after germs have invaded human cells.

A different kind of polymer adhesive

An adhesive that simply cheats its way between a carbon-hydrogen bond and thus chemically holds polymers together permanently that are otherwise difficult or impossible to bond.

Green inflation?

According to the DIW, other causes are also playing a role in the inflation debate, such as the coronavirus pandemic, supply chain problems, global trade conflicts and VAT adjustments.

Invisible UVC protective wall

The UV protective wall acts like an invisible curtain that can separate rooms into sub-compartments. The system consists of UV lamps on the ceiling, combined with an active air intake that directs aerosol particles towards the curtain and thus cleans them.


The heart of the chemical park goes electric

Steam cracker – the heart of every chemical park. Steam cracking is a petrochemical process in which long-chain hydrocarbons such as naphtha are converted into short-chain hydrocarbons through thermal cracking in the presence of steam. Numerous value chains begin in the steam crackers.

Gruenes Ammoniak

“Green” ammonia for the energy transition – “Power to Ammonia“

The hydrogen sector is nowhere near mainstream, a lot of it is hyped but will probably catch on and become mainstream in the future. In the meantime, SVP is looking around for possible alternatives and has found one in ammonia.

Green methanol as the energy source of the future

A few years ago, a plant for the production of renewable methanol was built in Iceland, which uses electricity from a geothermal power plant and produces so-called Vulcanol. The first German pilot plant using the same technology is being built near Cologne.

Climate-positive gin developed from peas

The Arbikie distillery spent five years developing Nàdar Gin with the help of Abertay University and the James Hutton Institute in Scotland. The fresh and fruity gin is made from peas and flavored with lemongrass and citrus leaves, among other things.

Thermal utilization of subway waste heat

Do you travel on the subway from time to time? Then you have probably been confronted with warm, stuffy air on the platforms and in the corridors. In the tunnels where subway trains run, there are constant temperature changes.

Volkswagen is building its digital production platform

Following its cooperation with Microsoft on the automotive cloud, the Volkswagen Group has now announced its collaboration with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to jointly build the "Volkswagen Industrial Cloud".

Seamless Mobility

Passengers and travelers increasingly expect a carefree travel experience with any origin and destination (Seamless Mobility as a Service) and with a single booking and billing for all means of transport used.

Business and market intelligence tools under scrutiny – Part 1

These business intelligence tools, which can analyze and graphically prepare cloud-based business data in real time, are often also offered as software-as-a-service (SaaS) models and are intended to help make well-founded decisions for a company from the insights derived from them.

Digital medizin

Personalized medicine vs. stratified medicine

The proclaimed goal of personalized medicine is to provide each patient with a therapy tailored to his or her needs and with the most suitable drugs. In fact, it is not – at least not yet.

Nearly 30 start-up databases and directories worldwide

Nearly 30 startup databases and directories worldwide were identified that allow researching startups and new technologies. Majority of the database providers are located in the US.