How do you do Innovation Scouting in practice?

Webinar SVP & Comintelli

On June 11, 2024 at 4 pm a joint webinar with our cooperation partner from Sweden Comintelli will take place. This webinar takes a 360° approach, incorporating both automation and human expertise in innovation scouting.

Automated media monitoring

By using automated media monitoring tools, you can extract relevant information from a variety of public sources and social media. These tools provide up-to-date information which can be presented in the form of user-friendly dashboards or newsletters.

This saves time and allows you to track trends and developments in real time to identify potential innovations.

Human expertise

Human expertise is irreplaceable. Market intelligence experts can provide context, understand complex relationships, and provide qualitative assessments. The combination of automation and human expertise creates a powerful synergy.

In addition, you gain valuable insights through patent analysis, start-up identification and research of relevant scientific articles.

Data sources

Social media, patent databases and scientific publications are excellent sources of information. Discover how this approach provides access to valuable information hidden behind paywalls in specialized press databases and portals and gives you a comprehensive overview of the innovation landscape.

Yvonne Jacoby, SVP Deutschland AG

Christian Bjerser, Comintelli AB

We look forward to your participation!