Market Analyses

When it comes to telling a joke or pulling off launch, timing is everything. Our trend analyses give you the information you need to strategically plan product development and market entries.

Product Intelligence

Knowing about what the 'other guy' is up to with their products and services is a key part of developing, designing and overhauling products.

Company Profiles

Whether it's suppliers, customers, business partners or M&A candidates, we'll prepare the profile you need to make the right decisions.

B2B Market Research

The only thing that exceeds the complexity of today is the complexity of tomorrow. No one knows what it will bring, but we do know what's real, possible and feasible

Strategic Partners

Is everything fine, but you've hit a wall? We'll support you in identifying new target customers, suppliers, business partners or M&A targets for your company.

Market Intelligence Tools

AI and automation are playing an increasingly important role in market intelligence. SVP has a very good overview of the current market intelligence tools with their possibilities and limits.