Market Intelligence

How to turn data into success

A term that is becoming increasingly important, but not everyone is familiar with: What exactly is market intelligence? Market intelligence processes are about gaining information on markets, companies and products and about intelligently combining this information to create a meaningful basis for well-founded decisions.


An essential requirement for successful market intelligence is in-depth market knowledge, supported by extensive knowledge of sources and methods. These are the preconditions for precisely identifying and determining market potentials and for optimally preparing an entry into new markets.

Market intelligence covers many aspects but is primarily focused on markets. Suitable methods and a grasp of the analysis needed lead to targeted market data and deliver what you need: An detailed insight of the market.


For more than 35 years, we at SVP have specialized in market analysis – know-how for you – whether you have a need for comprehensive market analysis or ad hoc research. Since the majority of our MI experts have been working for SVP for more than 10 years, every one of them has distinctive market intelligence expertise. They know the sources and check the quality of the data critically according to the four-eyes principle.

Market intelligence analyses „markets“. With market intelligence analyses you understand how a market works and make smart decisions.

Your advantages

SVP supports you with over 35 years of experience in obtaining market intelligence. The research and analysis of data, statistics and innovations to understand markets – customized, reliable and competent: That is exactly our strength.

How you benefit from SVP’s strengths

Our experts attach great importance to valid data and facts. Therefore, we check the sources and the quality of the data very carefully. If the bulk of the market data comes from different or unknown sources, this critical analysis is particularly important. Speak personally with the market intelligence expert who is familiar with your topic.
Close coordination with you is the basis for a trusting collaboration. On this basis, we develop an approach that delivers exactly the results you need. We adapt precisely to the customer’s needs, whether in terms of speed, confidentiality, format or frequency of contact – from customer to market intelligence expert, from partner to partner.
Questions about international markets are our daily business. It can be necessary to conduct research on the ground or to carry out local expert interviews. In these cases, we work together with our colleagues – in over 50 countries worldwide.
We have always been used to responding quickly and delivering fast. For many customers, this is essential. If you need results tomorrow or in a few days, we will deliver them exactly then. We are your partner if you are pressed for time, have acute capacity bottlenecks or are missing the right idea. Just give us a call.

What our experts say

“The market analysis of a product from the green chemistry environment and the assessment of whether the investment in a new production plant would be competitive was a particularly interesting challenge for me. Sustainable future issues change the rules of the game for the chemical industry almost daily.”

Dr. Volkhard Francke

Market Intelligence Senior Expert

“My annual analyses of the oil and gas market as well as the storage business for a well-known accounting firm are always very exciting for me, and not just since the war in Ukraine. Energy is always about geopolitics and current developments in the new energy world which is increasingly replacing the fossil energy world.”

Doris Höflich

Market Intelligence Senior Expert

“The customer was looking for new sales markets for his components that could be served directly or with simple adaptations of existing manufacturing processes. For this purpose industry clusters were formed in the electronics sector and its submarkets and applications were examined for relevance. Afterwards, the market potential for the most promising markets was estimated.”

Silke Hänisch

Market Intelligence Senior Expert

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SVP has been in the market since 1987 and has worked on over 150,000 projects on various topics. Based on their experience, our market intelligence experts develop suitable solutions for you.

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