China is ahead in the 5G sector


The extremely powerful 5G mobile communications technology is pursuing the historic mission of effectively driving forward the digital transformation of industries – IoT, autonomous driving and the like. China is currently leading the way in terms of the number of 5G base stations – almost 1.6 million – and 5G connections. The Middle Kingdom has the world’s largest mobile broadband and fiber optic networks. The network quality in China is “better than in the developed countries of the world”. Fixed broadband has been upgraded from 100 megabits per second to 1,000 megabits per second. The proportion of fiber optic users has risen from less than 10 percent in 2012 to 94.3 percent in 2021, said Vice Minister of Industry and Information Technology Zhang Yunming on World Telecommunication Day, May 17.

By February 2022, China had installed 1.15 million 5G base stations, which corresponds to around 70% of the global total. All major Chinese cities, more than 97% of small towns and 40% of villages in China were covered by 5G networks at that time. Shanghai has the fastest 5G and broadband network in the country and is developing a wide range of network-based services, including cloud and AI. There is dense deep 5G coverage in business centers, cultural and tourist sites and factories.

China Telecom’s new product “redefines broadband”, according to Gong Bo, General Manager of Shanghai Telecom. On World Telecommunication Day, China Telecom launched its cloud broadband product with “storage, security and smart services”, which include cybersecurity, gaming, live streaming and ultra-high-definition video. The dynamics in the area of 5GtoB (5G to Business) or 5G+ intelligent manufacturing and 5G City as the most important battleground for 5G remain particularly exciting. The scaled development of 5GtoB is the way to find new business models in the 5G era.

A press release from the Chinese State Council at the end of September 2021 reports on a recent report by the Internet Society of China, according to which the Chinese industrial Internet reached a value of 916.48 billion yuan (USD 142 billion). This corresponds to growth of 10.4 percent compared to the previous year. The value of 1 billion yuan (USD 149 billion) has now been exceeded.