Seamless Mobility

Seamless Mobility

Passengers and travelers increasingly expect a carefree travel experience with any origin and destination (Seamless Mobility as a Service) and with a single booking and billing for all means of transport used. One smartphone app for everything is the solution. “Jelbi” is the name of a new platform under whose umbrella as many mobility services as possible in Berlin are to be digitally linked and offered together in future.

In addition to brand-new public buses with electric drives, there are also rental bikes from Deezer nextbike and Call a Bike, electric scooters from Berlin start-up Emmy, rental cars from CleverShuttle, Greenwheels or DB-Flinkster, as well as a normal Berlin cab. The mobile app is complemented by the development of mobility hubs.

These are locations where a wide range of different sharing vehicles are available, from cars and bicycles to scooters and e-scooters. In future, buses and trains will be complemented by a dense network of public-private vehicles and microcarriers. Mobility no longer needs to be thought of, organized and offered in different modes of transport, but along mobility chains.

It is hoped that digitalized mobility will provide greater flexibility for passengers on the one hand and better management of existing capacities on the other. In a seamless mobility scenario, far fewer private cars would have to be used.