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In many B2B markets, and often in new markets, people search desperately for big data, or for any data at all. This is where SVP can step in with over 30 years of experience in generating market analyses. B2B markets constitute some of our core strengths, including the electrical and electronics sector, the construction industry, the energy sector, medical technology, mobility, ITC, engineering and the chemical sector.

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Content of a market and competitor analysis

SVP’s comprehensive market analyses cover every issue and as we prepare them, we tailor their content to each client’s specific needs. They help to expand on the information that people would have googled themselves and form the backbone of strategic decision-making. Market size and market potential analyses, the identification of market drivers and obstacles, competitor landscape analyses, target customer analyses and trend analyses are our daily business. These relevant points are simply part and parcel of every SVP market analysis, but they can also be extracted, considered and analysed separately.

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Market study and international project methods

Whether you are looking for a fully comprehensive market analysis or only need one aspect covered, SVP can deliver what you are looking for. Extensive desk research is generally at the heart of every analysis. These findings are complemented with other considerations, including market potential and forecasts, as well as qualitative expert interviews for target customers, retailers, market experts, etc., globally.

For questions relating to international markets, SVP takes advantage of its international network in more than 50 countries. When it comes to our international partners, you will also benefit from our more than 35-year track record as well as decades of collaboration with our network of partners in all market research matters.

Market analyses – and the needs of the client

First-hand experience shows us that many clients expect more than ‘only’ high-quality substantive content and information about the lay of the land. That is why we also make specific recommendations to our clients about next steps based directly on our analyses and findings. Doing so requires both an understanding of your company and your market, as well as your target sectors. That is where you can benefit from the sector expertise of our MI experts in nearly a dozen different industries in conducting market studies.

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Our sector expertise for all things market study

Expertise from SVP

Sector expertise is a critical precondition for preparing a robust market analysis. That is why SVP uses interdisciplinary teams, especially when it comes to larger projects. Globalisation and digitisation are strengthening connections between companies and markets across different sectors. Just one example is the awareness of neighbouring sectors required in the electrical and electronics sector. The same can be said for all of our core sectors, including the chemical sector, construction, energy, medical technology, mobility, ITC or engineering; SVP has market intelligence experts that work closely with one another. Exchanging expertise unlocks synergies that facilitate a holistic view of the market.

That positions us not only to understand individual market components, but also to keep an eye on future target markets – and to recognise the paths that will have to be forged to generate greater revenue with new target groups, new products or by entering new markets.

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Market analyses - examples from our portfolio

Market analysis of micromotors in Europe*

The client is planning on entering the micromotor market because it is likely to hold greater growth potential than the large motor segment due to trends like miniaturisation, automation and energy efficiency. Using desk research and expert interviews, a comprehensive analysis is prepared on market potential, market development, competitor landscape and target customer structure. The analysis is supplemented by a series of interviews with target customers, which makes it possible to gain far-reaching insights into their needs. In order to understand the degree to which the production process is being automated, a comprehensive supply chain analysis of the market is also prepared.

Market study on sensor applications*

Applications, market potential and market volumes are investigated for a newly developed sensor made of a more cost-effective synthetic material. The product features relevant to decision-making are also analysed. In addition, an extensive conjoint analysis is conducted using online surveys with retailers and target customers.

Market entry study for fixtures and fittings* in Switzerland

A fixtures and fittings manufacturer was considering entering the Swiss market, which required a comprehensive analysis of the end customer market (retailers). We also were called upon in particular to investigate and analyse the stages of distribution. The client further wanted to know the market potential, trends and competitor landscape as key pieces of information. In addition to secondary market research, extensive interviews with retailers and manufacturers were conducted.

Market and competitor analysis for intake systems* within NAFTA and Europe

The focus was on determining the size of the market, with little readily available information. An extensive analysis of the current application areas, the units in use and the price margins was prepared. Market development was an additional focus area. As part of this, we needed to answer what other potential application areas there might be, how units used in these areas would develop and what the drivers were, as well as what the market obstacles might be (downsizing, higher CO2 emissions, abandonment of the combustion engine, etc., …), The comprehensive market overview was completed with a competitor analysis identifying the key players, their market shares and customer segments.

Market analysis of the construction sector To and electrical installations in India

make decisions about entering the Indian market, the client needed a potential analysis on the investment volumes in India, in addition to waiting to assess future market developments. Additionally, a detailed analysis of the key players, their market strengths and market positioning was conducted. In order to understand how contracts were awarded for electrical installations in the Indian market, an extensive study was conducted using SVP’s Indian partner and expert interviews.

Market analysis for flame retardant coatings & paints for wood worldwide

retardant coatings and paints through proprietary development or M&A. Analyses of the market size and market development were needed, as well as information about the degree of market saturation. In addition, the client wanted to know whether the use of flame retardant coatings and paints was considered necessary or still ‘nice to have’ amongst architects and construction firms, etc. Using secondary market research, we were able to provide information about market data and trends in the coating and paints market. The construction industry was also studied and a SWOT analysis was prepared based on the market development and needs. The compilation of existing products (product intelligence), their features, applications and the key players in the market completed the market analysis.

* To protect our clients, we’ve only provided a general description of the product or issue we investigated in order to prevent any connection from being made to our clients and prevent strategic market changes.

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