Make good great.

Market research, marketing, business development and management all use market and potential analyses to gauge market opportunities and identify sales opportunities. For Germany, Austria and Switzerland, SVP is right at the centre of the action. Each market launch is an important factor in a company’s development, and it hinges on good planning. We can deliver a market analysis or market study that is comprehensive and wide-ranging or targeted to specific issues, including

  • describing the market or sector with critical information such as provider structure, sales channels, and the market outlook in light of any given political or economic situation
  • analysing the competitive landscape by using different tools including identifying key players, benchmark analyses and SWOT analyses of competitors or best practice models
  • Client-focused work: A potential analysis delivers the details you need to know who your customers are and who could become one. SVP also provides customer segmentation services, including customer needs analyses. The better you know your future adopters and their needs, the more effectively you can develop products and a marketing strategy.

It’s this sort of information that helps you to plan your next steps – and if you’re just taking small steps when you’re first eyeing a market, we’re there to take those small steps with you. SVP market analyses are tailored to the precise needs of our clients. As required, SVP can conduct a step-by-step analysis so that each subsequent phase can be adjusted in response to previous findings. That way you get exactly what you need, no more, no less.