Renewable energy

Transformation of the chemical industry toward climate neutrality

Over the past few months, we have taken you on an informative journey through the chemical industry. It has become obvious that there is no alternative to the transformation of the chemical industry towards climate neutrality.

Renewable Energy Power Supply – Navigating a Path Fraught with Challenges

As in previous years, the International Energy Agency (IEA) expects significant global market growth in renewable energy in 2023, with a record addition of new installations.

Renewable energies – preconditions for the transition to climate neutrality in the chemical industry

Series of articles on the sustainable transformation of the chemical industry with six main topics. This time the focus is on renewable energy.

Sustainability in the MedTech World

Sustainability is a mindset that integrates eco-design principles to create products with a smaller environmental footprint and ultimately ensure a healthier planet for life on Earth. To achieve true sustainability, all stakeholders must play their part.

New processes and technologies

The electrification of processes and technologies plays a crucial role in the transformation of the chemical industry toward a climate-neutral orientation. The German chemical industry will require huge amounts of additional electricity. The current demand of around 53 TWh will multiply to 685 TWh.

Geothermal energy: green district heating

Germany has set itself the goal of achieving climate neutrality in the heating sector by 2045. A large proportion of energy is used for heating, almost 70 percent of which is fossil fuels. Natural gas in particular. Since the war in Ukraine, Germany wants to get by without Russian natural gas as quickly as possible.

Sustainable power supply – Airborne wind energy

Airborne wind energy systems can generate more electricity than conventional wind power plants with lower environmental impact. Before conventional wind turbines generate green electricity, they first release a lot of CO2. Cement and steel make up by far the largest portion of a wind power plant. Up to an incredible 80 tons of steel are […]

Our creative minds in the field of Sustainability

Sustainability has emerged as important theme in our recent projects. We at SVP believe that for future, businesses need to formulate their strategies based on sustainability commitments of the company and how deeply it is integrated in fundamental business model.

Does chemistry have to reinvent itself in the energy crisis?

The German chemical industry faced a number of challenges in the first half of 2022: High freight costs, long delivery times and bottlenecks in raw materials affected the business activities of chemical companies in Germany. However, the currently soaring prices for raw materials and energy – especially for natural gas – and a looming gas shortage present the chemical industry with completely new and unexpected challenges.

Automobile manufacturers vs. suppliers – passing on the price increase causes conflicts

The general conditions for the automotive industry have deteriorated further since the beginning of the year. The industry continues to be affected by problems along the value chain with raw materials and intermediate products.