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Circular economy in the health sector

The health sector is responsible for a significant share of the German raw material consumption. Its contribution to the sustainable use of natural resources or resource conservation must, therefore, not be underestimated. However, the linear economic model, or the “take, make, waste” approach has been firmly established in the healthcare sector – made visible in […]

Circular economy

To kick off our series of articles on the sustainable transformation of the chemical industry, we first turned our attention to biobased raw materials, biogas plants and biorefineries, and then to the hydrogen economy. These are innovative areas that are currently undergoing major development. Next, we focus on the circular economy. Here we look at […]

Impact of hydrogen development on mechanical engineering

In June 2020, the German government adopted the National Hydrogen Strategy. With the help of green hydrogen, the energy transition should be driving forward and, in particular, energy-intensive industries become climate-neutral with its use. Germany is joining a large number of similarly politically driven economic development strategies around the world. In Western Europe alone, hydrogen […]

Hydrogen economy

In the second article on the transformation of the chemical industry, we focus on the hydrogen economy. Here we take a look at the different types of production, look at projects that have already been realised and those that are in planning, talk about the chemical industry’s huge demand for hydrogen, but also dare to […]

Bio-based raw materials, biogas and biorefineries

The chemical industry in Germany is currently experiencing the worst crisis since the global economic crisis in 2009. In 2022, chemical production fell by about 12 percent compared to the previous year. This is a greater decline than during the global economic crisis. A further production decline of 8 percent is expected in 2023. Although […]

Sustainability – Key to unlock future growth

Sustainability and market intelligence are crucial to understanding and analysing the current and future state of a market. Incorporating sustainability into market intelligence can help businesses to identify opportunities and risks related to environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues. At SVP, we strongly believe that market intelligence can help companies identify and capitalize on sustainability-related […]

Sustainability or the long way to green chemistry

If we want to create a fully green and fossil fuel-free chemistry, to be honest, we still have a long way to go. However, the first steps have already been made. At the moment efforts are concentrating on: But if we want to create a 100% circular economy, that will not be enough. Whereas energy […]

One of the biggest challenges in implementing sustainable construction

The construction industry consumes resources in a way that is not sustainable, using large quantities at a high rate. According to the World Green Building Council it generates an estimated 39% of global carbon emissions.As we must move towards greener construction, we should consider what sustainable building really means and how complex this issue is. […]

In the automotive industry, we need more focus on the circular economy

If you follow the press releases and annual and sustainability reports of leading German automakers and suppliers, you might think that the automotive industry in this country is one of the pioneers when it comes to sustainability. However, a recent study by the Capgemini Research Institute shows that companies have made little progress in this […]

Sustainability in the packaging industry

Sustainability is one of the biggest challenges and one of the biggest opportunities for the packaging industry. Packaging has become an important commodity as all industries actively work to reduce their environmental impact. Driven also by consumer demand, sustainability in the packaging industry means using fewer raw materials, resulting in less waste, and encouraging full […]