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AI and sustainability in the manufacturing industry

The integration of AI into the manufacturing industry promotes sustainability through real-time data analysis, predictive maintenance and intelligent control systems. These technologies help to conserve resources, reduce emissions and increase efficiency.

AI is making the energy future sustainable, but its energy demand is enormous

AI in the energy sector is being driven primarily by the increasing global demand for energy. AI has the ability to automate and optimize a range of energy-related processes.

Business and market intelligence tools under scrutiny – Part 2

Business Intelligence and Market & Competitive Intelligence may sound similar, but they are two different approaches in the company to obtain important information and make decisions.

Transformation of the chemical industry toward climate neutrality

Over the past few months, we have taken you on an informative journey through the chemical industry. It has become obvious that there is no alternative to the transformation of the chemical industry towards climate neutrality.

Renewable Energy Power Supply – Navigating a Path Fraught with Challenges

Despite the unparalleled growth of renewable energies, the energy sector continues to be dominated by fossil fuels.

Renewable energies – preconditions for the transition to climate neutrality in the chemical industry

Series of articles on the sustainable transformation of the chemical industry with six main topics. This time the focus is on renewable energy.

Sustainability in the MedTech World

Sustainability is a way of thinking that integrates eco-design principles to create products with a smaller environmental footprint.

New processes and technologies

The electrification of processes and technologies plays a crucial role in the transformation of the chemical industry toward a climate-neutral orientation. The German chemical industry will require huge amounts of additional electricity.

Carbon Capture – Approaches in the Concrete Industry

Carbon capture is crucial for a climate-neutral future. Cement production alone accounts for about 5 % of global CO2 emissions.

CCUS – Carbon Capture, Utilisation and Storage

CCUS is a process for capturing CO₂ and transporting it to a facility where it is either used for other purposes or stored in geological formations.