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Transformation of the chemical industry toward climate neutrality

Over the past few months, we have taken you on an informative journey through the chemical industry. It has become obvious that there is no alternative to the transformation of the chemical industry towards climate neutrality.

Renewable energies – preconditions for the transition to climate neutrality in the chemical industry

Series of articles on the sustainable transformation of the chemical industry with six main topics. This time the focus is on renewable energy.

New processes and technologies

The electrification of processes and technologies plays a crucial role in the transformation of the chemical industry toward a climate-neutral orientation. The German chemical industry will require huge amounts of additional electricity. The current demand of around 53 TWh will multiply to 685 TWh.

CCUS – Carbon Capture, Utilisation and Storage

CCUS is a process for capturing CO₂ and transporting it to a facility where it is either used for other purposes or stored in geological formations. The main goal of CCUS is to prevent the emission of large amounts of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere while making biogenic CO₂ a valuable, environmentally friendly resource.

Circular economy

To save resources, there is no alternative to the circular economy. The circular economy requires products that are durable and easily recyclable. And this is where the chemical industry has a decisive key role to play.

Bio-based raw materials, biogas and biorefineries

The chemical industry in Germany is currently experiencing the worst crisis since the global economic crisis in 2009. In 2022, chemical production fell by about 12 percent compared to the previous year. This is a greater decline than during the global economic crisis. A further production decline of 8 percent is expected in 2023.

Does chemistry have to reinvent itself in the energy crisis?

The German chemical industry faced a number of challenges in the first half of 2022: High freight costs, long delivery times and bottlenecks in raw materials affected the business activities of chemical companies in Germany. However, the currently soaring prices for raw materials and energy – especially for natural gas – and a looming gas shortage present the chemical industry with completely new and unexpected challenges.

Gruenes Ammoniak

“Green” ammonia for the energy transition – “Power to Ammonia“

SVP has recently been dealing a lot with the topic of hydrogen. If you look at the development of the listed companies like ITM, Ceres, Plug Power and Nel, there is a bubble bursting on the stock market, like the 3D companies did back then. The hydrogen sector is nowhere near mainstream, a lot of it is hyped but will probably catch on and become mainstream in the future. In the meantime, SVP is looking around for possible alternatives and has found one in ammonia.