circular economy

Circular economy in the health sector

The linear economic model has become firmly established in the healthcare sector - clearly visible in the ubiquity of disposable products.

Circular economy

To save resources, there is no alternative to the circular economy. And the chemical industry has a key role to play here.

Sustainability or the long way to green chemistry

To achieve objectives of greenchemistry, first steps are taken in the direction of achieving circular chemistry. At the moment efforts are concentrating on reducing the share of non-renewable raw materials.

Our creative minds in the field of Sustainability

Sustainability has proven to be an important topic in our recent projects. At SVP, we believe that in the future, companies must formulate their strategies based on the company's sustainability commitments.

Farewell to the oil age: does the future belong to biorefineries?

The chemical industry is in the midst of a revolutionary transformation process in which the circular economy, recycling, sustainability and biorefineries are elementary building blocks for the goal of climate neutrality.