circular economy

Circular economy in the health sector

The healthcare sector is responsible for a significant share of the German raw material balance. However, the linear economic model or the "throwaway economy" has become firmly established in the healthcare sector - well visible in the ubiquity of single-use products.

Circular economy

To save resources, there is no alternative to the circular economy. The circular economy requires products that are durable and easily recyclable. And this is where the chemical industry has a decisive key role to play.

Sustainability or the long way to green chemistry

To achieve objectives of greenchemistry, first steps are taken in the direction of achieving circular chemistry. At the moment efforts are concentrating on reducing the share of non-renewable raw materials. These efforts are directed to enhance the reuse in entire value chain thereby optimizing resource efficiency.

Our creative minds in the field of Sustainability

Sustainability has emerged as important theme in our recent projects. We at SVP believe that for future, businesses need to formulate their strategies based on sustainability commitments of the company and how deeply it is integrated in fundamental business model.