Market Intelligence

How do you do Innovation Scouting in practice?

Human expertise is irreplaceable. Market intelligence experts can provide context, understand complex relationships and provide qualitative assessments. The combination of automation and human expertise creates a powerful synergy.

Generative AI in Market & Competitive Intelligence

Everyone is talking about generative AI and the business and trade press is full of articles about possible use cases, potential savings and the impact on the world of work.

Open Innovation – SVP as part of your innovation network

In the traditional understanding, innovation management meant that innovations are developed exclusively internally within an organization.

ChatGPT – White Paper

Most people have heard of it, but few have actually used AI technology such as ChatGPT in a professional context. In order to show where its use can be useful and where not, we have tested it intensively and compiled our experiences in this white paper.

KPI Dashboard – Whitepaper

Constant monitoring of key performance indicators is crucial to the success of any business. A dashboard can help you keep an eye on the most important KPIs for your company.